Pro-X Data-Com is specialised in direct-to-chip, waterless and pumpless cooling systems for data centers, based on the loop thermosyphon technology.

Our micro heat exchangers are entirely customizable, while offering the best thermal performance.


Two-phase flow provides heat transfer coefficients thousands of times greater than air and twice as much as water cooling. Compactness and light weight are not compromised.

Loop thermosyphon technology can be easily retrofitted in existing severs and racks.


The highest heat rejection achieved in our demonstrators is 3.6 kW per server.

The fluid inventory in our solutions remains small, not needing to flood the electronic equipment, as well as maintaining a minimal need for ventilation. Operating costs are reduced easily by 40 % in comparison to conventional air-cooling technology.


Effectiveness is so high that there is no need for evaporating cooling out of the data center. Hence, there is zero water consumption.